'A Day in the Life' Work Shadow Scheme 2018/19

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Published date: 
Friday, 30th November 2018

A Day In The Life is a work-shadowing initiative that provides a unique opportunity for staff from government and voluntary sector organisations to step into each other's shoes for a day, and learn about how the other sector operates.

As well as improving cross-sector understanding, the programme helps participants find out about the roles and responsibilities of staff within another organisation, and the operational environments and wider contexts in which they work.

They welcome applications from across the voluntary sector; anyone with permission from their employer can participate. Remember to also check your organisation's visitor policy. These vary between organisations but could cover things like security, data protection and confidentiality.

Applicants are paired with a suitable person from the opposite sector. At a convenient time between January and April 2019, they can spend up to a day shadowing each other in their organisations. 

For further information on this exciting opportunity click here.