Wednesdays Weekly
Published date: 
Thursday, 11th June 2020

#WednesdaysWeekly is Action Together's new weekly training during lockdown and possibly beyond. The idea is that we meet for short, informative trainings followed by a Q and A or the chance to share your thoughts. We’re hoping for you to see a range of different hosts and topics to keep you informed and inspired during these difficult and unexpected times!

The training will be open to any VCFSE, mutual aid, statutory body or business that is currently supporting the community response to the pandemic. We’ve noticed, as I’m sure you all have that this crisis has really broken down barriers and we’ve all witnessed some amazing partnership working!  With that in mind we’d wanted to re-launch our training in the spirit of partnership and also offer you the opportunity to host a full training or a mini seminar which consists of a half an hour overview of a subject or topic. We’ve listed a few topics below to get you thinking do get in touch to talk about what you could offer. We’d love to hear more from you.

Equality and Diversity
Mental Health First Aid
BAME specific Mental Health Training
Using Tech for good
Safeguarding adults and children
Cashflow forecasting
Intro to.. Your organisation
Social Media for your organisation/ group
Local data and where to find it

Please keep an eye on what each week's training will be by using our website, and please register if you are interested in attending!



To sign up for our trainings please take a look at our website and don’t forget to share your experiences on our social media by using the hashtag #WednesdaysWeekly and #WeActTogther