Places of Worship (POW): protective security funding scheme

Published date: 
Sunday, 21st June 2020

Aims/priorities: This scheme provides funding for protective security measures to places of worship and associated faith community centres that are vulnerable to hate crime. Any crime that is motivated by hostility on the grounds of race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or transgender identity can be classed as a hate crime. For this scheme, they are focusing on religion. To be considered for funding, your application will need to demonstrate that your place of worship or associated faith community centre is vulnerable to hate crimes that target people because of their religion.

Who can apply? Bids from places of worship and associated faith community centres in England and Wales will be considered. Below are some examples of those eligible to apply for the funding, but this is not an exhaustive list:

  • churches
  • gurdwaras
  • mosques
  • temples
  • associated faith community centres (we define this as a community centre run by a place of worship or near a place of worship that is faith based, and where regular worship takes place)

Living accommodation, educational facilities, and other separate buildings not used for regular worship, are not covered by the scheme. Where these structures exist within the same building or site as the place of worship, only the protection of the place of worship will be considered. Faith schools, educational institutions and NHS establishments (including chapels and prayer rooms) are not eligible to apply.

Grant amount: Places of worship or associated faith community centres will need to have sufficient funds to contribute 20% of the total cost of the security measures. This will need to be paid in advance of the installation of the security measures. The Home Office will award funding on a discretionary basis up to a maximum of £56,000.

Application process: You will need to complete an online application.

Deadline: 23:59 on 9 August 2020

Website address: