Independent Mental Health Network

Independent Mental Health Network
Published date: 
Thursday, 21st May 2020

The Independent Mental Health Network (IMHN) is a membership-led organisation that represents a diverse community of past, current and future users of mental health services, as well as those with lived experience of mental health. 

It has recently been appointed by the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership to facilitate the development of a network for people with lived experience of mental health across the ten boroughs of the Greater Manchester area.  

Its primary focus will be ensuring people's voices are heard as part of co-developing, improving and monitoring mental health services; and providing an effective voice for the broader community. 

It will be represented on various boards across the Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership, as well as setting up groups to support particular projects. There will be an opportunity for people with relevant lived experience to become representatives on these. If you would like more information on this, please get in touch by emailing

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