Food for Life Get Togethers - Small Grants

Published date: 
Tuesday, 30th June 2020

Aims/priorities: Small Grants are available for Get Togethers to start up again following the lockdown, for people organising food activities that are socially distanced or for virtual Get Togethers that share a food activity, such as growing, cooking and eating food together.

Round 1 Deadline is the 10th July, there are pots of £150 available to purchase equipment or to cover transport and other costs to safely Get Together through food. We can accept proposals for later in the year in the first round, for any organisers who would like to secure funding now for activities in the future.

We welcome applications which have a focus on one or more of the following:

  • Food activity that has potential to be long term and become a normal and regular activity your community just does 
  • Food based activity that is community led and created together with the people and communities who will benefit 
  • Food activity which includes people and groups from disadvantaged and diverse communities  
  • Activity that brings people, households, streets, neighbourhoods & communities together through food 
  • Food activity which tackles or reduces experience of loneliness or social isolation for younger and older people in your community 
  • Food activity which encourages people to have a more positive attitude to ageing and/or people from backgrounds different to their own 
  • Online and virtual ways to meaningfully Get Together through good food, cooking, growing or sharing  

Who can apply? The grant is open to not-for-profit groups and settings.  If you want to have a Get Together with people from households or your neighbourhood you will need to apply for the grant through a not-for-profit group that has its own bank account. 

Grant amount: We're offering small grants of £150

Application process: All details and the form is available to download from Food For Life Get Togethers website. To apply, download the form from the website and return by email to

Deadline: Round 1 Deadline is the 10th July

Contact information: Any questions, support required, please contact your local engagement officer SB on 07741 310496 or